SHINE Student Talks

These talks given by students at the SHINE Conference during student day are compiled here as examples for students who will be participating in the SHINE Conference student day. You have the option to view talks on Google docs or download a PDF of the slides.

SHINE 2016
Santa Fe, New Mexico


The Sun and Heliosphere Manan Kocher
Solar Wind and Corona Doug Endrizzi
Turbulence in Space Plasma Junxiang Hu
Magnetic Reconnection Peng Sun
Space Weather Forecasting Alicia Schooley
Energetic Particles in the Heliosphere Claudio Corti

NSF Talk by Dr. Carrie Black


SEP Acceleration in Solar Flare Electomagnetic Fields Dmitry Borovikov
Comparing Different Methods for Estimating Total Open Heliospheric Magnetic Flux Samantha Wallace
Identifying Large Scale Structures at 1 AU using Fluctuations and Wavelets Tatiana Niembro Hernandez
Solar Wind Collsional Age from a Global MHD Simulation Rohit Chiber
The Formation of Fliament Channels Kalman Knizhnik
Thermal Instabilities in Helmet Streamers Michael Schlenker



SHINE 2011

The student tutorials from SHINE 2011 are now available for viewing. You may be interested for educational reasons or as examples if you are one of the presenters for SHINE 2012 student day.

View the files in Google Docs:

Download files individually, or download all as a .zip file:

All SHINE 2011 Tutorials as a .zip file





New_Magnetic Fields and the Solar Dynamo.pdf



The sun1.ppt

SHINE 2010

talk1Turbulence & Reconnection: Or how to sabotage Serena's turorial in 15 minutes
Serena Dalena and Tulasi Nandan Parashar
Download PDF; View in Google Docs

talk2PUIs, ENAs, and ACRs: A trio of acronyms
Kevin Schoeffler
Download PDF; View in Google Docs

talk3Data Access and Analysis Tools
Cooper Downs
Download PDF; View in Google Docs

talk4Satellite Missions and Observations
Cooper Downs
Download PDF; View in Google Docs


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