SHINE 2017 Abstracts

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01. Disentangling Expansion Effects and Collisional Relaxation in the Solar Wind
02. Suprathermal population in interplanetary space: Current Understanding and Challenges
03. Understanding the Structure and Morphology of CMEs by Integrating Observations and Modeling
04. Magnetic Reconnection in Turbulence and Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection: Outstanding Challenges
05. Observations, modeling and predictions of solar activity
05. Solar magnetic activity and solar-stellar connections
06. Observational signatures of shocks in flares
07. Connecting Slow Solar Wind Theories to Current and Future Observations
08. DKIST Coronal Spectroscopy: The Missing Link in Coupling the Sun and Heliosphere
09. SEP Events, Suprathermal Seed Particles and 3He
10. What are the Energy Partition and Dominant Energy Transport Mechanisms Associated with Magnetic Reconnection for Different Heliospheric Plasmas?
11. The Space Physics of Star-Planet Interactions
12. Lessons from 10 years of STEREO results and applicability to future heliospheric missions
13. Dissipation in the Solar Wind: Kinetic Processes
14. Energetic particles in the late phase of flares: solar tracers?
15. Post-Impulsive Phase Energetic Particles: in flares and in space?
16. The time histories and topologies of heliospheric structures measured in situ
17. Evolution and Influence of Plasma Turbulence in the Heliosphere
18. Other: SEPs, CMEs and space weather
19. Other: Solar Wind
20. Other: Microphysics (turbulence, reconnection)
21. Other: Solar and Coronal
22. All Others
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