SHINE 2016 Abstracts

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01. Particle Acceleration and Wave Generation Across Scales: From Reconnection to Shocks
02. Understanding the Origin and Transport of GLEs with Modern Observations
03. Coronal magnetic field in the context of the spatial and temporal behavior of SEP events
04. Remote-Sensing Observing Techniques for Improving Space-Weather Science and Forecasting
05. The Magnetic Structure of Coronal Mass Ejections – Flux Rope Coronal Mass Ejections
06. Flux-Rope CMEs: Predicting Bz
07. Outstanding Challenges in Understanding the Heating of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind
08. Why is the slow solar wind so variable?
09. Kinetic Range Physics in the Solar Wind: Turbulence and Waves with Implications for the Turbulent Dissipation Challenge
10. The Connection Between Magnetic Reconnection and Turbulence in Collisionless Plasmas
11. Evolution and Influences of Plasma Turbulence in the Heliosphere
12. Observational Signatures and Modeling of Intermittent Reconnection in the Solar Corona
13. Heliosphere as Revealed from IBEX and Voyager Measurements
14. The Topology of Coronal Magnetic Fields
15. The magnetic nature of Solar Filaments
16. Coronal Model Drivers: a fistful of maps
17. The impact of high-resolution solar observations on understanding in situ measurements in the inner heliosphere
18. Science from the Solar Eclipse 2017
19. The Origin of Non-Eruptive Large Flares
20. Other: SEPs, CMEs and space weather
21. Other: Solar Wind
22. Other: Microphysics (turbulence, reconnection)
23. Other: Solar and Coronal
24. All Others
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