SHINE 2015 Abstracts

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Accuracy of spacecraft measurements of solar wind plasma: Past, Present and Future
Challenges in understanding 3D magnetic reconnection in observations and simulations
Coronal Magnetic Energy Estimation
Frontiers in modeling magnetic flux emergence and the development of solar eruptive activities
Ground based, remote sensing and in situ measurements- how to tie multi-platform information together to better address questions about CMEs and SEPs
Heavy Ion Composition in the Heliosphere
Physics of the relationship of ICMEs to their CME progenitors
Plasma Turbulence in Solar Wind and Corona: from Fluid to Kinetic Scales
Techniques for Connecting In-situ Observations with Solar Sources
The Final Frontier of Kinetic Turbulence: Distribution Function Dynamics
The Role of Electron Thermodynamics for the Multi-Scale Evolution of the Solar Wind
The Turbulent Dissipation Problem in Weakly Collisional Plasmas: Moving the Challenge Forward
Understanding the Origin and Transport of GLEs with Modern Observations
What is the Role of non-Maxwellian Ion Distributions in the Solar Wind?
When and Why Does Space Weather Forecasting Fail?
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