SHINE 2014 Abstracts

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Data-driven and Data-constrained Models and Simulations of Solar Eruptions and Active Region Evolution
Earth-affecting CMEs
Heating of Solar Wind Heavy Ions: Observations and Theory
Identifying Solar Coronal Holes: A Tale of two Carrington rotations
Magnetic reconnection and flux redistribution: multi-scale and 3D dynamics
Magnetic Reconnection in Partially Ionized Chromospheric Plasmas
Observations of Solar Wind Turbulence: Current Progress and Future Measurements
Progress in understanding the spatial distribution and temporal evolution of solar energetic particles
Scientific Validation of Heliophysical Models
Solar Energetic Particle Events in the Weak Solar Cycle 24
The Contribution of Electron Microphysics to the Evolution of the Solar Wind
Turbulence and Dissipation in the Solar Wind Plasma: Current Challenges and New Diagnostics
Turbulence in the Solar Wind and Solar Corona
Waves in the Solar Atmosphere and the Solar Wind
When and why does Space weather forecasting fail?
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