SHINE 2013 Working Group Sessions

Session Descriptions

1. Identifying Coronal Holes in Solar Disk Observations
2. What Exactly is a Coronal Mass Ejection? ZIP
3. Mechanisms of Heavy Ion Heating in the In Situ Solar Wind PDF
4. What do we learn from observations and modeling of the solar corona for understanding solar energetic particle events? PPTX
5. Diagnostic of Chromospheric Flare Plasma
6. Plasma Turbulence at Fluid and Kinetic Scales PPT
7. Campaign Event: The Extreme CME of 2012 July 23 ZIP
8. Corotating Interaction Regions and the Connection Between Their Trailing Edges and Energetic Particle Acceleration Near 1 AU
9. Turbulent Dissipation Challenge: Towards a convergence of current ideas PDF
10. Investigating the Origin of the Long-Duration High-Energy Gamma-Ray Flares
11. Abundances in the solar atmosphere and in the solar wind PPTX

Working Group Session Reports

Tuesday, June 25th

Wednesday, June 26th

Thursday, June 26th

Friday, June 27th

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