SHINE 2012 Abstracts

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Advances in Understanding the Solar Wind through Spectroscopic Observations
Assessing the Contribution of Heliospheric Imaging, IPS and other remote sensing observations in Improving Space Weather Prediction
Causes of the wide longitudinal signatures of Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events
Community wide validation study of models of the corona and inner heliosphere
Data driven MHD modeling of CME events
Dynamics of the Heliosheath and Signatures of the Heliopause - Expectations and Observations
Fast reconnection in large, high-Lundquist number coronal plasmas mediated by plasmoids: Implications for reconnecting current sheets and supra-arcade downflows
Interaction of CMEs with Coronal and Heliospheric Structures
Multi-Wavelength/Multi-Viewpoint Coronal Observations from SDO, Hinode, STEREO and SOHO
Observation Tests That Differentiate Between the Various Solar Wind Models
Origin of CIR-associated suprathermal and energetic particles at 1 AU
Sympathetic and Homologous Eruptions in the Solar Corona
The compressible nature of solar wind turbulence in the inertial range and dissipation range: What, How, and Why?
The need for high accuracy, high time resolution plasma and electromagnetic field measurements in the solar wind
The Turbulent Solar Wind and Dissipation
What do prominence and cavity activation tell us about the magnetic structure and triggering of the CME?
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