SHINE 2011 Abstracts

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Assessing the Contribution of Heliospheric Imaging in Improving Space Weather Prediction
Bridging the Great Divide: Linking the Solar Dynamo to the Dynamic Heliosphere
Comparing and Validating Models of the Corona and Inner Heliosphere
Connecting Solar and Heliospheric Physics During the Rise to Solar Maximum
Coronal Magnetic Fields: What are we learning from CoMP observations?
Coronal mass ejections without photospheric/chromospheric signatures
Flare Classification in the Era of Global Coverage of the Sun
Multi-viewpoint observations of Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events
Particle Acceleration and Transport in Flares and their Relation to SEP events
The Dissipation of Solar Wind Turbulence
The Nature of Coronal Mass Ejections: Heliospheric properties from remote-sensing observations and their relationship to in situ signatures.
The rise of solar cycle 24: Magnetic fields from the dynamo through the photosphere
The Role of Magnetic Geometry and Reconnection in the Origin of the Slow Solar Wind
What IS a coronal hole?
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