SHINE 1996 Workshop


The main thrust of the meeting was to provide a forum for members of the solar/interplanetary/heliospheric community to discuss how best to apply basic research knowledge, skills, and techniques to the practical problem of space weather forecasting.

Topics for the workshop included:

These discussions were intended to contribute to the evolution of a community response to the NSF draft implementation plan for space weather research.

Finally, participants had an opportunity to further define the organizational structure of SHINE.


A limited number of invited presentations were scheduled to promote and provoke discussions in the working assembly.

Prospective attendees were invited to submit specific, brief contributions concerning the state of the art as regards observation, theory, and modeling in the following three broad subject areas:

Solar mechanisms producing the global solar wind structure
and secular changes in its configuration; processes leading
to rapid, impulsive changes in the corona and the expulsion
of material from the Sun; generation of intense bursts of