SHINE Conference 2017

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Saint SauveurWorkshop Dates: July 24th-28th, 2017
(Student Day July 23rd)
Location: Saint-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada
Registration Fee: $425/$475/$525 (Early/Late/On-site)
Early Bird Registration Deadline: May 26, 2017
Late Registration Starts: May 27, 2017 at midnight central time
Deadline for student support: April 21, 2017
Deadline for abstract submission and registration: June 23, 2017 (extra poster $50)
Hotel Reservation Deadline: June 23, 2017

Posters: The allowed size for posters is 4 feet x 4 feet. ONLY 1 poster per person. Additional posters for a fee of $50 each. If you would like to present an additional poster, please contact Noe Lugaz (nlugaz -at-

Single Slide Summaries: As in previous years, slides introducing yourself and your poster will be displayed during breakfast and breaks. Slides are mandatory for students and Postdocs. You may submit your slide directly to Katie Whitman or a designated student representative (TBD) at SHINE on a flash drive or at You may download an example of such a slide HERE.

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Visa Requirements to enter Canada for SHINE

The SHINE 2017 workshop will take place in Canada (in the predominantly French speaking province of Québec). Students and researchers from US, EU, UK, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries do not need a Canadian visa for short stays. However, since March 2016, non-US nationals exempt of Canadian visa requirements flying to Canada need to apply in advance for an electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). This does not apply to US citizens. It does apply to European citizens and all other citizens from visa-exempt countries. It DOES apply to green card holders. People entering Canada by land or sea do not need to get an eTA. British citizens who are member of the royal family do not need an eTA. eTA costs $7 CAD and takes a few minutes to apply and get approved for (online)

Other people will need to obtain a Canadian visa. Please email noe.lugaz at for an official invitation to attend the 2017 SHINE workshop, if you require one.

USA: Most students/researchers in the US on a F1 or J1 visa with a valid I-20/DS-2019 can re-enter USA from Canada even if their visa is expired. This procedure is called automatic visa revalidation. If students/researchers have a single-entry visa, they should contact their university to determine their eligibility for automatic visa revalidation. US visa situation can change very quickly these days.

Up-to-date on April 1, 2017. Check with the international office at your university/lab [or, if confused, with Noé] before leaving US to attend SHINE, as immigration procedure may have changed since then. Further information:





This year's SHINE will be held at The Manoir Saint-Sauveur in Saint-Sauveur, QC, Canada (

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Hotel Reservation Deadline: When making your hotel reservations, please use code #409957.

246 chemin du Lac Millette
Saint-Sauveur, Quebec Canada
J0R 1R3

450 227-1811
1-800 361-0505



Saint Sauveur, QC is 70 km (~45 miles) from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Montréal YUL airport. There are no scheduled shuttle from the airport to Saint Sauveur. There are two buses per day from Montreal Bus Terminal downtown. We have scheduled buses between the airport (YUL) and the hotel

July 22: 6:30pm - 8:00 pm - 11pm and 1:30 am (on 23rd)
July 23: 11:30am - 3pm -7:30pm
July 28: 2:30 am - 6am - 10am - noon - 2pm - 4pm

Please pay ($80 USD round-trip, $45 one-way) through the SHINE payment button and add your name to the bolded column on the google doc. Take into consideration that most of you will have to pass custom and immigration in Montreal (unless you have a connection in Canada), which can take anywhere between 30 minutes and 2.5 hours. If you miss the bus you were planning to take, you can take the next one.
We reserve the right to cancel buses for which there are fewer than 4 people signed up.

Regarding logistics, there is a Tim Hortons' cafe in the arrival area [there are other Tim Hortons in the airport, but all others are beyond security]. The shuttle driver will pick people there up 15 minutes before the bus departure. We won't be waiting for people, except for the last run of the day.

For the return on Friday, count 1.5-hour drive to YUL to be on the safe side (might be closer to 1 hour when there is no rush hour traffic). We can probably arrange some departures by plus or minus 30 minutes, so if there is some obvious issues, please let Noé Lugaz know asap.

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Resources for students are provided in our student pages under the "Students" button in the menu above. Currently available are talks from the 2010 Student Day to be used as resources or examples. The 2011 Student Day talks are available on the SHINE 2012 student announcements page.

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